Irid-on-Irid Fusing


Iridized glass is one of the most exciting materials available to fused glass artists. Because it is not fully understood by many kilnformers, it is unfortunately not used as widely as it could be.

This tutorial has two goals:

  • First, it explains what iridized glass is and how it is made.
  • Second, it takes you, step-by-step, through the process of making a finished irid-on-irid project using the same technique used to make this work:

Irid-on-irid example

To continue, click the “What is Iridized Glass” link below.

Editor’s Note: Photographing glass is difficult. The transparency and glare often make it difficult to see what’s important. Add an iridized surface to the mix and it can be a photographer’s nightmare. For this tutorial, having pictures that make clear what is going on was considered more important than having pictures that are beautiful. Some colors and shading have been deliberately distorted to make the image more “readable”.

Irid on Irid

This is WAAAYYY better than the notes I took in class.  I'm going to make more projects, for sure!  You create terrific documents, easy to follow with great imagery.  Thanks Paul.


Excellent Tutorial!!!!

As always!! Mose excellent tutorial! Easy to follow, great texts and pictures! Thank you for taking the time to show us this!!!



No Sandblaster

Does anyone know if this can be achieved with etching creme? I don't have access to a sandblaster... yet.

Unfortunately, etching cream

Unfortunately, etching cream will not remove irid.

Helios Kiln Glass Studio


No Sandblaster

You can use a dremel type tool with a diamond bit.

what all can be done with irid

As usual, I fall in love with a product and buy a bunch of it. Now that I have lots of irid, for jewelry, what can I do with it. Not etch. Enamels? Kinda lost here.

Clear capped Irridesent

I am having problems capping my irridesend glass with clear.  The clear does not fuse over the sides.  Do I need to cut the clear larger than the irridesant?

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